Passover Resources & Discussion 5771/2011

It’s that time of the year again! And whether this is your first Passover or your fiftieth, we are entering an extremely exciting and I might add challenging period of Jewish observance! There is lots and lots to do and there is lots and lots to learn! For the newishly Jewish and the soon to be Jewish all of this can be quite overwhelming but not to worry, we have your back!! This year’s Pesach Q&A and resource guide is now open for business, so why don’t you head over and check … [Read more…]

JBC Roundup For Early October

This is my first shot at writing a summary of the major recent activity in the Group Forums on this JBC website. I hope that this will allow readers who don’t check the Forums to find out what’s happening in some of the Groups and that it might encourage them to check out some current discussions on topics that they are interested in. The key words are “summary” and “major”. I only want to briefly describe the activity since readers can then go to the forum and read the discussions directly if … [Read more…]

E-Source for all things Los Angeles and Jewish

I’ve been meaning to share this little link with you all. This site is a handy tool if you live or will be visiting Los Angeles. It basically consists of all things Jewish. For example, if you’re looking for the following things, this a good one stop place to find them. The site is fairly easy to navigate. I hope some of you find it useful. entertainment synagogues and schools dining calendar of events jobs advertising real estate community services travel shopping and … [Read more…]

Pesach is coming! Some seder planning ideas…

This year Passover begins on Saturday night, April 19, 2008, and my husband and I are hosting a seder this year. It’s time to do a little thinking about how we will conduct the seder in order to keep the children at the table involved and occupied, and preserve some semblance of intellectual discussion for the benefit of the adults. At seders past, I have noticed a number of things that have worked well. Here are a few memorable things: 1) Have a variety of haggadot around the table for … [Read more…]