JBC News of Interest – 03/13/11

Several recent news stories may be of interest to our readers, so let’s dive right in… Apparently putting on tefillin in the airport or on an airplane can still cause you some trouble in the USA.  Once again there has been an incident in which observant Jews in morning prayers have caused panic in flight, this time on an Alaska Airlines flight to LA from Mexico.  Shmarya over at Failed Messiah has a story with links to similar ones from recent history. Arnold Eisen, the Chancellor of … [Read more…]

From Chametz to Sinai: Counting the Omer

I hope everyone managed to attend spiritually rewarding Seders this year and that none of you accidentally OD’d on matzah! On a personal note, I’ve got to say that this year’s Seders (and Pesach although it’s not over,) have by far been my most successful yet. I suppose that part of it is that I’m finally beginning to become more confident with the details of this holiday. As I’m sure many of you know (if you’re even remotely observant) this holiday takes a crap load of work to prepare for. … [Read more…]

Chag Sameach From Us Here at JBC & Some (Last minute ) Seder Wisdom From Reb Zalman!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a happy Passover! Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this Pesach may it be spiritually rewarding and filled with oneg. See you all in a couple of days! Now let me leave you with some wisdom from Reb Zalman. Reb Zalman & Michael Kagan preparation for Pesach, Nava Tehila, Jerusalem from Michael Kagan on Vimeo. Reb Zalman in a special live Skype link-up from Boulder gives of his wisdom and humor as he discussing how to make the … [Read more…]

Pesach Audio From The Folks At The Ziegler School Of Rabbinic Studies

With Pesach literally just around the corner the fine folks from Ziegler are offering up several audio podcasts to inspire and help with those last minute perpetrations. For those of you not familiar with Ziegler here is a brief bio blurb from their website. “The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies made history when it opened the first independent rabbinical school on the West Coast. While we take pride in being history-makers and serving as pioneers in the Conservative Jewish community, we … [Read more…]

It Started with a Seder

I really do not have the time to spare to write this post because I ought to be cleaning my house in preparation for Passover. But as I struggle to stop hyperventilating when thinking of how little time I have and how much I need to do to clean and convert my kitchen, I try to remember why Pesach is still my favorite holiday.  So I want to offer this heart-warming true story of how a seder invitation changed someone’s life. Aliza Hausman rightly points out that it is improper for someone … [Read more…]