Book Review: Making Prayer Real by Rabbi Mike Comins

I recently read Rabbi Mike Comins’ Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer is Difficult and What to Do about It (published by Jewish Lights). I recommend the book highly. Rabbi Comins comes at things from a perspective that resonates with me. He has been deeply involved in the experience of Jewish spirituality in wild places. While living in Israel, he founded Ruach HaMidbar Desert Trips and Retreats, an organization that leads Jewish spiritual journeys into the … [Read more…]

Three Meaningful Spiritual Practices for Rural/Isolated Jews (At Least in My Experience…)

Hi all, I hope all readers had a kosher and happy Pesach, and that you are all enjoying eating chametz again without overdoing it!  I thought it might be interesting, and hopefully a little bit useful, to share with you all some practices and resources I have found to be quite valuable in living an observant Jewish life in a relatively small and isolated Jewish community.  For the Cliff’s Notes version, I live in a small town a short drive from a city of 85,000, where my synagogue with … [Read more…]

Audio: Rabbi David Cooper on G-D Being a Verb!

This morning an excellent radio interview with Rabbi David Cooper showed up in my RSS feed reader. What can I say other than fun, fun, fun! I’m a huge fan of Rabbi Cooper (as are a few others here at and in fact his book “G-D Is a Verb” was either my first or second Jewish purchase ever. Recently I have been spending a fair amount of time rereading and listening to his audio lecture/programs (I own everything he’s done). Because as I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, as of late … [Read more…]