JBC News of Interest – 1/9/11

Several media outlets have reported that Rabbi Alysa Stanton, the first African-American female rabbi, has not had her contract renewed for her first pulpit at a Reform congregation in Greenville, North Carolina.  Rabbi Stanton made headlines when she was the first African-American woman ordained as a rabbi by the Hebrew Union College, and indeed, the first in America (the world?).  Haaretz reported on the story here, and Time magazine did a story on Rabbi Stanton shortly after her ordination … [Read more…]

JBC News of Interest – 11/22/10

Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)! This week’s news wrap up has some interesting stuff to read, so let’s jump right in… The first piece in this week’s roundup is from The Jewish Week, where Rabbi Yehuda Gilad of Yeshivat Maale Gilboa and the Rabbi of Kibbutz Lavi, both in Israel, wrote a great essay on the implosion of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.  On this issue, Jews by Choice of nearly all stripes share common cause with the religious Zionist/דתי לאומי  community, as the … [Read more…]

Grow and Behold Foods: Ethical and Kosher

I don’t typically shout out specific businesses in my posts here on the JBC.org site, but I thought this story was definitely worth making an exception. The Forward published an article about a new ethical kosher meat producer that is open for business.  The piece, written by Leah Hoenig, features the company Grow and Behold Foods, which is beginning to offer free-range kosher chicken in New York and New Jersey in July.  According to the article the proprietors of Grow and Behold, Naftali … [Read more…]

Kashrut, Just Because

Hi All, I thought I would write a very short post to plug an article I read a couple of days ago and which I found to be a great encouragement for those who are considering starting or increasing their observance of kashrut.  The article (here) was written by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein over on the Sh’ma journal website.  It’s a great little piece in which Rabbi Bookstein gives us a snapshot of kashrut, why it matters, what it should become, and why it is a great part of our Mesora to take … [Read more…]

Fishy Business and Not Overdoing It.

Shalom all, Shmarya over at Failed Messiah posted on a really interesting story for those interested in the evolution and development of halakha, particularly with respect to kashrut.  The issue under discussion involves a tiny parasitic worm that is found in several species of kosher fish, and the brouhaha this little critter has started within the kashrut-observing Jewish communities in general and within the Ultra-Orthodox world in particular.  I was initially interested in this story … [Read more…]

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