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JBC News of Interest – 03/13/11

Several recent news stories may be of interest to our readers, so let’s dive right in… Apparently putting on tefillin in the airport or on an airplane can still cause you some trouble in the USA.  Once again there has been an incident in which observant Jews in morning prayers have caused panic in flight, this time on an Alaska Airlines flight to LA from Mexico.  Shmarya over at Failed Messiah has a story with links to similar ones from recent history. Arnold Eisen, the Chancellor of … [Read more…]

Yehuda Halevi – Rabbi, Philosopher, Poet, and Proto-Religious Zionist

One of my favorite topics for study is Jewish history, particularly of Jewish communities in the Islamic world.  The cross-cultural fertilization that happened between Jewish and Arabic cultures in Islamic Spain, Iraq, Egypt, and other places provides an interesting reminder of the closeness our people share with the Arab world, despite current geopolitical challenges.  Some of our most important thinkers have been steeped in an Arabic/Islamic cultural milieu, including Saadia Gaon, Rambam … [Read more…]

Audio: A Crash Course In Jewish World History

I really try to focus on presenting information that is predominantly from a non-Orthodox point of view here at This is for the most part because our blog is intended for non-orthodox Jews . and especially because many of us here, (both contributors and readers) are converts and it just seems unpalatable to me, to be presenting information from sources that (in most cases) don’t view us as legitimate Jews. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-orthodox or anything but I feel it’s … [Read more…]