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JBC News of Interest – 02/23/11

Hi all, Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted a news roundup.  Between working on podcast related issues and site maintenance, Avi and I have been pretty busy.  So… off we go. There have been several stories recently dealing with the ongoing conversion train wreck crisis in Israel.  In one example published in Ha’aretz, a Canadian who converted via a Modern Orthodox community with the intention of moving to Israel with his wife – an Israeli herself – and their children, was … [Read more…]

Jewish Identity, Israel, and Visual Arts

Hi all, While engaging in my addictive behavior of cruising the internet in search of cool images and websites related to Israel and Jewish life, I stumbled upon an awesome set of photos by Israeli artist Toby Cohen.  The website on which his work is featured is called Omanoot: Israel Through Art, and it is a very interesting site (I should mention that one contributing artist features some tasteful nudes, but if that is not your cup of tea, it’s not hard to avoid).  It showcases the visual … [Read more…]

Who Am I Now, Anyway? Conversion to Judaism and Developing a Jewish Identity

As anyone who has studied Judaism in any depth can attest, conversion to Judaism is more than just adopting the religion of the Jewish nation, it is also becoming part of the people Israel.  Yet the vast majority of conversations about why people convert or how they begin living a Jewish life seem to focus on religious matters.  I have often wondered why this is the case, as for me anyway the religious aspect was the easiest part.  A person either believes in a particular expression of … [Read more…]