How Can We Raise Awareness in the Jewish Community for the Unique Issues Facing Jews-by-Choice?

Editors Note: The following is a guest post by friend and supporter of Paul Golin, Associate Executive Director of the Jewish Outreach Institute. I recently posted an essay on the Huffington Post about the complicated relationship between intermarriage and Jewish conversion.  In it, I mention just a few of the challenges that many Jews-by-choice face in their interaction with born-Jews.  I have a sense of what some of the other challenges might be, thanks to my position as … [Read more…]

JBC Talk Ep: 1 The Welcome To Our Podcast Edition

We were actually hoping to get our first episode out before the end of December.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pull it off. I had a fairly last-minute move, then I caught a nasty bug and was out of commission for several days. Then, it was the December holidays and, on top of that, Yair got hit with an illness of his own. Anyhow, better late than never, I guess. In this episode: We discuss Avi’s recent move to the Jewish neighbourhood in Pico Robertson and what effect it’s had on … [Read more…]

“Intermarriage” and the Problem with Black and White Thinking.

Almost anywhere in the world today, it is virtually impossible to circulate within the Jewish community without constantly hearing about how intermarriage is going to destroy us as a people.  The marriage of Jews to non-Jews is discussed in singularly horrific terms; for many people, it is the most significant problem facing world Jewry today (especially in the Diaspora, and most especially in the United States).  Millions of dollars and innumerable labor hours are devoted to studying the … [Read more…]

JBC News of Interest – 12/13/10

Here’s your news and interesting article round-up for this week. The podcast over on the Tablet Magazine site has an interesting offering on one Luzer Twersky, a young Satmar Chassid who has become a secular Jew over the last year. The podcast explores the challenges Mr. Twersky experienced – and still is – as he transitions from an insular, shtetl-like lifestyle to a modern Jewish life in the secular world. It is an interesting story on many levels. Tablet also has an interesting print … [Read more…]

An Orthodox Conversion Story: The Yearning (Part I)

Greetings from Israel! When Avi and the other contributors invited me to join the blog as a contributor, I was thrilled. At the same time I realize that is primarily by and for liberally-minded JBCs. I fall a bit outside of this, being an Orthodox convert, but perhaps my story will illuminate how this came about. As my saga was over 30 years in the making, I will post it in a few installments to avoid inducing catatonia. I have a Jewish father and a New England (more staid than … [Read more…]