American Jewish University

JBC Talk Ep: 1 The Welcome To Our Podcast Edition

We were actually hoping to get our first episode out before the end of December.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pull it off. I had a fairly last-minute move, then I caught a nasty bug and was out of commission for several days. Then, it was the December holidays and, on top of that, Yair got hit with an illness of his own. Anyhow, better late than never, I guess. In this episode: We discuss Avi’s recent move to the Jewish neighbourhood in Pico Robertson and what effect it’s had on … [Read more…]

Two New Podcasts From Ziegler on Suffering and Knowledge

Shabbat Shalom Y’all I just received word from AJU’s Rabbi Aaron Alexander that two new podcast lectures have been posted to their site. While I haven’t heard them yet myself, I thought I would pass the info along in case anyone was looking to do some pre-Shabbat learning and/or to help get their Oneg on! From Rabbi Alexander’s FB message. Shabbat Shalom, Friends! A few great shiurim have recently gone up… all are at – links at the top of the page. … [Read more…]

Miller Intro to Judaism Shabbaton Nov 5th in LA

I will be participating in a JBC discussion panel on the topic of “BECOMING JEWISH AND LIVING IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY”. The event is being held at the American Jewish University (AJU) as part of their Miller Introduction to Judaism Program. This event is open to the public, so if you are looking for some Shabbos oneg and discussion, please do come join us. If you are interested in attending this event, I suggest contacting AJU’s SHARON MARGOLIN or ELLE SILVER directly 310-440-1273. The … [Read more…]

Video: Does God Exist – A debate between Rabbi David Wolpe and Sam Harris

I’m really not a fan of the “new atheists” which is something I’ve written about on my own blog in the past. It’s not that I have anything against atheism because I don’t. Rather it’s that I don’t agree with the approach the new atheists seem to be taking. I for one don’t believe that somebody needs to believe in God in order to be a good person in his or her life. However it would seem at least according to the “new atheists” one has to reject a belief in G-d in order to be a good person. One … [Read more…]