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 is a trans-denominational, peer-run online resource providing Jews by choice with opportunities to explore, discuss, and engage Jewish identity, tradition, culture, and observance.  Website content focuses on Jewish conversion, post-conversion Jewish life, and issues related directly to Judaism.

We request that members stick to topics/discussions that are relevant to the focus stated above. has a zero-tolerance policy for: Anti-Semitic commentary or rhetoric; proselytizing for other religions (including all forms of Messianic Judaism) or a particular Jewish movement; personal insults or threats.  We ask that all members respect these prohibitions.  Failure to comply with them may result in a member being temporarily or permanently banned from participation on the website.

Also, we welcome thoughtful debate but ask that all participants disagree respectfully and that all remarks be directed at issues, positions, events, and statements, rather than at individuals.  Each community member is responsible for his or her own activity and commentary in the Forums or Blog comments section. can not be held liable for the statements or conduct of individual community members. administrators and/or website staff reserve the right to revoke memberships and/or delete user accounts without notice.  On a case by case basis, if an administrator feels that a community member’s participation falls outside of the parameters defined by the TOS, they may moderate the member’s remarks or even remove the inappropriate content.

Also be advised that these TOS are subject to change. Should any changes be made to the TOS, members will be notified via our on-site messaging system.

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Pick the term which BEST describes how you CURRENTLY self-identify in terms of personal Jewish identity. Not to be confused with denominational affiliation.

Feel free to share a little about your interests, hobbies and/or share a short bio with us.


Who are a few of your biggest Jewish (People, books, philosophies etc.) influences? Please make sure to use a comma between each name/term you enter. For example: Mordecai M. Kaplan, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Samson Raphael Hirsch, Mussar, Jewish Ethics, Kabbalah, Maimonides,

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