After The Mikvah

Doing Jewish: More Than Faith

D’var Torah for Parashat Mishpatim 24th of Sh’vat, 5771 Although this parashah is called “Mishpatim”, “laws” in Hebrew, and lists lots of mitzvot, I want to focus not on the laws, but on two verses found toward the end of the parashah which are very similar and which reminded me of a personal experience. Note that it is always considered significant when an idea is repeated in the Torah. The first is the second part of (Exodus) Chapter 24, verse 3: …וַיַּעַן … [Read more…]

“Intermarriage” and the Problem with Black and White Thinking.

Almost anywhere in the world today, it is virtually impossible to circulate within the Jewish community without constantly hearing about how intermarriage is going to destroy us as a people.  The marriage of Jews to non-Jews is discussed in singularly horrific terms; for many people, it is the most significant problem facing world Jewry today (especially in the Diaspora, and most especially in the United States).  Millions of dollars and innumerable labor hours are devoted to studying the … [Read more…]