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The Hekhsher Tzedek

Hekhsher Tzedek is bringing Jewish values in food production front and center, sometimes for the first time, to any consumer of kosher products.

Keeping kosher is a central part of Jewish identity and this initiative will engage consumers in social justice as well as reinforce the relevance of kashrut to contemporary life.

It will demonstrate that both ritual and ethical commandments (mitzvoth) have an equal place at our tables and that isolating one at the expense of the other is to do a disservice to Jewish tradition and the meaning of kashrut.

Hekhsher Tzedek will also show that Judaism speaks to the greater community about the meaning of compassion, fairness and the presence of one G-d.


Big Tent Judaism

Big Tent Judaism takes its lead from the values and vision of our Biblical forbearers Abraham and Sarah’s tent, which was open on four sides to welcome all who approach. Individuals and organizations that practice a Big Tent Judaism seek to engage, support and advocate for all those who would cast their lot with the Jewish people, regardless of prior knowledge or background.

The Big Tent Judaism Coalition is a group of Jewish communal institutions who strive to create an inclusive and welcoming Jewish community, and who are willing to work toward the following GOALS through partnership, communication, and advocacy:

  • Connect individuals and households not currently engaging with the organized Jewish community to local institutions that will be welcoming toward them through inclusive and meaningful programs;
  • Provide professionals and lay leaders at Jewish institutions the skills and sensitivities needed to become more inclusive and welcoming.

The Jewish Bloggers Campaign For Responsible Speech Online

The recommendation for bloggers carrying this banner is that they be mindful before pressing the “Publish” button and that they ask this consideration from their site’s contributors — both other bloggers on their site and visitors. Ask yourself before posting, “Is what I’ve written a kiddush Hashem (a sanctification of God’s name) or a chilul Hashem (a desecration of God’s name)?” If it’s the latter, consider revising your remarks to preserve your point, while minimizing whatever harm you may do to your fellow. In other words, attack the idea, not the person, and do so tactfully and respectfully.


The Green Menorah Covenant

The Green Menorah is the symbol of a covenant among Jewish communities and congregations to renew the miracle of Hanukkah in our own generation: Using one day’s oil to meet eight days’ needs: doing our part so that by 2020, US oil consumption is cut by seven-eighths.

We invite you to join in this covenant to heal our planet and our human race from the climate crisis of global scorching.

There are three aspects of the Covenant: hands-on action by congregations and congregants to reduce CO2 emissions on their own; infusion of Jewish festivals, life-cycle events, , prayers, and education with eco-consciousness; and advocacy for change in public policy.

Learn Israel

Learn Israel is a national educational organization whose mission is to bring the many positive stories about Israel that are not being told in the media to our nation’s schools, educators, and libraries.