Books, Books, Books! We’ve Got Books!

We have finally gotten around to adding a book section to It’s something that a few of us thought might be helpful and of interest to our readers. It still needs some work but I think it’s safe to say that we already have a decent assortment of recommended reading on a variety of “Jewish” topics. Including some great stuff on mysticism, observance and of course conversion.

We have added this feature for to two main reasons. The first being as a service to help point other JBC’s (and soon to be JBC’s) to some the books which have helped us to learn about as well as better integrate into Jewish life and community. The second reason for the book store section is as, a way to help us raise funds to offset some of the costs associated with running this site. Right now all of the costs come out of my pocket and although its not a huge amount, about $300 yearly, not counting the hundreds (probably closer to a thousand) of hours of volunteered time people put into generating content and maintaining the site. We get hundreds of hits every day and some people are spending well over 30 minutes a visit, so we know (that at least some) people find the site useful and that’s something we are all really happy about.

So basically I guess what I am suggesting is that if you are a regular (or even if you are a not so) regular reader, who has found what we are doing here to be helpful and like one or more of the books we are recommending. Why not buy it through us? It’s win/win you a get a great book (that you were probably going to anyhow, right?) and you can help support what we are doing here at That’s right, every book you buy via our site means the we get a small cut from Amazon and that goes towards offsetting some of the costs associated with running things here.

So please do keep that in mind and if you see a book you like, consider buying it through us, because every purchase you make helps us out a little.

And on that note Shabbat Shalom.