We are Jews who have chosen, and been chosen by, Judaism. We are Jews whose Judaism is expressed across the entire spectrum of denomination, faith and practice. We believe Judaism, at its best, transcends denominational differences and strives to be as inclusive as possible. We also believe that in the 21st century, Jews by choice are an important and valuable part of the diverse tapestry which makes up the Jewish peoplehood and more importantly, we believe that Jews by choice have a significant role to play in enriching and helping to ensure the continuity of our people.

MISSION is a Trans-Denominational grassroots, peer run, online resource, focused on providing Jews by choice (as well as other interested parties) with opportunities for exploring, discussing and engaging with Jewish Identity, Tradition and Culture.

Our core mission activities include:

Technology: Harnessing the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies in order to provide Jews by choice with improved online opportunities for: social networking, community building and learning; as a means of facilitating greater Jewish literacy and engagement.

Engagement: Providing opportunities for Jews by choice to deepen their understanding, connection and commitment to Jewish religion, culture and community.

Advocacy: Empowering Jews by choice to better identify and address issues which act as barriers to their engagement and integration into Jewish life and Community.


To create an online space where participants can discuss a variety of subjects related to Jewish Tradition, including Halacha, the Mitzvot, and/or other forms of ritual observance from a (primarily) non-Orthodox prospective.

To provide a venue where individuals can explore Judaism as an “Evolving Religious Civilization”; one with its own unique: culture, history, law, language, literature, music, poetry, art, politics, folkways, ethics, spiritual ideals, and aesthetic values.

To act as an advocacy and peer support resource for all Jews by choice, regardless of what denomination they may have converted under or are currently affiliated with.

To provide educational and networking opportunities for the purpose of assisting Jews by choice to better integrate into Jewish life and community.

To engage in advocacy and public awareness projects on a variety of issues of importance to Jews by choice. In order to help generate greater awareness within the broader Jewish community.

Lastly, to act as a clearing house for relevant news, articles, audio and video, as well as a variety of other online and real world resources and information.