About us

JewsByChoice.Org is a group blog focused on exploring how modern Jews are engaging with their Jewish identity, traditions, and observances. JewsByChoice.Org hopes to provide a medium in which these topics can be meaningfully explored within a non-Orthodox paradigm.

The purpose of this blog is not about changing or reinventing Judaism to better fit our modern lives. Rather, it is a space where participants can explore how to better fit their lives into the traditions and mitzvot while maintaining a sense of accountability and integrity. This is a space where we can engage with others, sharing the many ways in which Jewish religious observance can enrich our lives.

We also see this blog as a space to discuss many of the issues that Jews by choice experience in their day to day lives. Although we do not limit the term “Jews by choice” to converts, the contributors to this blog will surely discuss the many challenges experienced by this group within Judaism. For a clear definition of how we define Jews by choice, please read “Who’s a Jew by Choice“.

The JewsByChoice.Org project is an outgrowth of research Avi a.k.a. TikkunGer conducted on Jewish engagement and the Web 2.0 as part of his fourth year of studies at Athabasca University. Avi’s initial research focused on how the Web 2.0 and more specifically Social Networking technologies are being used by Jews between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.